SCO Youth Card to increase contact between SCO member states

The creation of the SCO Youth Card will promote relations between the SCO member states, Dmitry Lukyantsev, Deputy Director of the Asian and Pacific Cooperation Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, said at the presentation of this initiative by the SCO Youth Council.

"The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation believes that everything that contributes to mutual visits, familiarisation with the traditions and cultures of our countries and improving mutual understanding and trust, deserves support and promotion," he said.

Deputy Head of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs, Sergei Chuyev, said the launch of the SCO Youth Card would increase contact between the SCO member states. He also noted that young businessmen are interested in creating a single business space.

State Duma Deputy Vitaly Zolochevsky also supported the programme. "Russia will do everything it can to see that this document is recognised not only by universities, but by the police as an ID," he said, adding that law enforcement officers should be given special instructions on how to respond when a person does not speak Russian but shows this card.

Deputy Head of the Federal Agency for Tourism, Roman Skory, said that this programme mainly aims to help the SCO Youth Card holder coming to Russia feel confident and comfortable. "The card should facilitate travel, communication, security and overcoming the language barrier," he said.