5th International Forum Bolshaya Khimia to promote energy dialogue

On May 21-22, 2015, Ufa, the capital of the Republic of Bashkortostan, will host the 5th International Forum Bolshaya Khimia with a roundtable discussion entitled "The New Quality of Energy Dialogue", the SCO Business Council Executive Secretary Sergei Kanavsky said at a meeting of the forum's organisational committee.

Participants of the discussion will focus on energy security and ways of ensuring a stable energy sector and market for SCO member states. They will also discuss prospects for developing the nuclear power industry in SCO member states. "This is essential in the context of developing the entire organisation's economic infrastructure and in the context of events initiated by the Head of the Republic of Bashkortostan because it will allow us to find ways of integrating the regional economy and the energy sector," he noted. According to Mr. Kanavsky, it is necessary to discuss the possibility of involving representatives of the SCO Interbank Consortium, as well as other financial organisations and structures, in the forum.

The Forum Bolshaya Khimia is a good venue for promoting dialogue in the area of energy cooperation, Mr. Kanavsky stressed. In connection with this, he suggested that forum participants should not confine themselves to the SCO framework and pay attention to projects that are also of interest to observer states and dialogue partners. "Projects supported by countries such as Turkey, Iran, or Belarus can be presented at the forum. Other countries ready to implement projects on SCO territory can also take part," Mr. Kanavsky noted.

The Bashkortostan Ministry of Industry and Innovation Policy is responsible for organising and coordinating the event. Over 800 delegates are expected to attend, including representatives of leading oil and gas companies, business associations, experts, analysts, academics, and official and regional delegations from SCO, BRICS and other organisations.